You may have read everything there is to know about how to become a successful cam girl but when it comes down to actually starting your shows, the physical act can be a lot tougher! As a webcam model, a lot of your work involves creating an aesthetically pleasing set-up for your viewers. Not only do you want to look and feel good yourself, but your surroundings must look desirable too. While it may not seem important now, people will quickly switch off if your room is messy or your set-up is really dark. As a result, you lose potential loyal customers and ultimately, money!

In order to help you create the perfect set-up and to make you feel good on camera, the team at Off The Record Models have given our top tips. Over the last few years, we have built a community of new and established camgirls who support and mentor each other. We asked all of our camgirls for exactly what they do to look good on camera and here is what they had to say:


Great Lighting

It’s important to find a good lighting set-up to ensure that viewers are able to see you clearly via webcam. Here is what one of our camgirls recommends: “Good lighting is a must! At the moment, I’m finding sitting by a window for daylight is best and then my bedside lamp in the evening works pretty well. But I have used a big ring light before which is amazing!” As you can see, lighting doesn’t have to be expensive! Your choice of light can even be natural sunlight if you don’t mind sitting near a window. If not, you can purchase ring lights and softboxes from Amazon which are anywhere between £30 to £80. These may seem like big investments to make in the early stages but they can really make the difference between succeeding or not.


Tidy Room

You know what they say: tidy home, tidy mind! And this most definitely extends to camming as well. Not only does it help you prepare for the show and keep organised, but a tidy space prevents viewers from getting distracted. Our experienced camgirls suggest: “Keeping your background as neutral and tidy as possible. No dirty piles of washing or bits and bobs lying around!” Also, it’s important to make sure that any photographs of family or friends are out of view of the camera to maintain privacy.


Camera Placement

Years of taking selfies have told us that the higher the camera placement, the better the picture! However, this isn’t true for setting up your webcam. Most online camgirlsposition the camera just above the eyeline and about an arm’s length away. This will help to prevent any unflattering angles while engaging your viewers more. After all, the viewers are there because they want to connect with you. It will feel like you’re talking face to face with the eyeline angle.

Cam Girl Hair and Makeup

When it comes to your hair and makeup, the best advice is to do exactly what you would do on a normal day! It’s important that you feel comfortable on camera so if you’re not used to wearing tonnes of makeup, don’t wear it. While it is often common for performers to slap on more makeup for stage, this doesn’t apply for camming. Plus, it can be extremely hot underneath all those lights so you don’t want to sweat it all off. When our camgirls apply their makeup, here is what they do: “I do wear makeup but only on my eyes. I have found less dramatic makeup works for me and a more natural look! But it’s up to the girl and how comfortable they feel. If you feel good then it really reflects on cam.”


If you’re interested in becoming a camgirl, sign uphere. Once you apply, the team at Off The Record will be in touch so you know exactly how to become a cam girl and start seeing success in the industry. We are proud to be a leading webcam model agencyso you will have support every step of the way. You don’t have to worry about going it alone! Our community are here to give you advice via one to one support and through our dedicated group chats. Why not head over to our instagram to take a look at more insights from our community or real woman.